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0:50Opening a Rare Puzzle Book!! 😯 #Shorts
20:59Solving The Secrets of The NAUTILUS Puzzle!!
0:56Staring in to a TRUE MIRROR!! 😦 #Shorts
23:51I Have 30 Mins to DEFUSE This Puzzle!!
I Have 30 Mins to DEFUSE This Puzzle!!Ganger 404 k14 dager siden
22:32This JIGSAW Puzzle Hurts My Brain!!
This JIGSAW Puzzle Hurts My Brain!!Ganger 340 k21 dag siden
0:41Human Like Eyeball Looks REAL!!👀#Shorts
9:17Street Magic for Chris Rock!!
Street Magic for Chris Rock!!Ganger 279 kMåned siden
13:46These Playing Cards Are UNREAL!!
These Playing Cards Are UNREAL!!Ganger 172 kMåned siden
12:22Can You Fit 10 Pennies in to That?!
Can You Fit 10 Pennies in to That?!Ganger 409 kMåned siden
22:45This Robot is Better Than Most Magicians!!
14:00Solving The World's FINEST Sushi Puzzles!!
24:01Solving A Puzzle That Could Be From Star Wars!!
17:43Solving a One of a Kind Mechanical LEGO Puzzle!!
14:53Solving TWO Super Rare Japanese Puzzles!!
Solving TWO Super Rare Japanese Puzzles!!Ganger 418 k4 måneder siden
15:28Solving The KEPLER Puzzle Challenge!!
Solving The KEPLER Puzzle Challenge!!Ganger 460 k4 måneder siden
11:15Solving The EPIC Victory Puzzle on a MOUNTAIN!!


  • リアル獄門疆

  • My anxiety:POKE HIS EYES😈😈😈

  • Plot Twist: Human Experiments were conducted during the making of this art piece

  • everybody gangsta until the art piece starts decomposing

  • Yeah nice and fun now run me 32,000,000 for it there's only 12 in the world

  • How about using tape to stick on the triangle? Lol

  • Dude that is really crazy and awesome

  • The type of creation to come alive at night and haunt you forever no matter how hard you try to kill it

  • damn i was thinking of stabbing it

  • Gojo Satorou

  • Wow l thought the eye is real

  • Gojou?

  • You look like microwaved Conor mcGregor

  • Stop it is so damn creepy

  • Fat fingers aren't always a bad thing... 😉

  • Why?

  • you solved it. you made two identical pieces of different color. it didn't say there couldn't be something left over.

  • I thought it was tom green talking

  • Feeling 🤮🤮😫😫

  • Meh im just gonna call my friend and we gonna pull it together

  • I would like to disagree you could put your finger on the top of the point and slide it to the edge of the table and then just yeet it off and hope that the cylinder comes out

  • Or slide it out of the table by touching the red thing

  • Eye could see how this might be useful.

  • It's cool. But imagine if this thing blinks when we Saw it from a distance

  • Gojooo?????

  • give mikitaka back to josuke

  • Why wouldn't he make it a Japanese eye 🤔

  • That's the most creepiest thing I saw in my life *I want it*

  • Me an intellectual: *pulls out a double sided tape*

  • I just want to see more of the cards from de box at the beginning.

  • This might seem rude but the first thing my brain went to was 'huh, thats a weird looking vacuum cleaner....'

  • what i wouldve done was put a straw to it and sucked up the red cylinder and vacuum pick it up

  • Why are there 69k likes?

  • Wow it would be cool if it was in evil dead movie

  • Dajal

  • Thanks! I hate it.

  • Traditional Artist rn: I'll take your entire stock!

  • Damd just put it up side down 🙄

  • Tf

  • Creepy but smart,creative

  • When he doesn't have the timer out sucks big time when forgetting

  • glue

  • Pull on the ends tho

  • I somehow got it right

  • Me who use a sticky gum to take it out: noob ez, get clapped

  • So creepy

  • CUT IT

  • Imagine pranking girls with this

  • Th-thats a JOJO REFERENCE?!

  • That's cheating

  • I'd just bite into it and get it out

  • wow i actually guessed how to get it out right

  • Do they have one that looks like a mouth? I’m asking for research purposes

  • Honestly my first thought was you were gonna grab it with your teeth

  • horror

  • Is that a Beherit?

  • This happens because when you blow on it the pointed shape of the red piece pushes the air into the tight space beside it, and since the gas has nowhere to go, It goes down, and even at the bottom, there isn't enough space for the pressure to stabilize, so it builds until the pressure overcomes the weight of the red piece, thus pushing it up.

  • oh I thought he was gonna deep throat the damn thing

  • Eye 👀 Opened in the morning and found it self in the Art form 😂

  • Thats a human dice

  • Everyone’s gangster till it blinks on its own

  • Cut it and see if it bleeds!!!

  • Thats so crappy😭🖐

  • Just flick the red piece out

  • Imagine waking up to see this.

  • If you hit the red part really fast, it should be able to knock the brown cylinder over and the red piece will fall out

  • It’s creepy

  • My body dysmorphia would have a field day w this mirror 😩😂😂😂💀

  • Is it weird if i say i want it?

  • I knew the solution immediately…

  • Loved

  • What 😳🤣🤣

  • Some girls have nails long enough to get it out……… you know who you are.

  • Gojo's home...

  • Wow blew my mind

  • Disgusting

  • Woah thats perfect for Halloween 😁😃😂😅

  • That's vfx and cgi

  • This is one of the tomorrows

  • This isn’t worth the likes at all