The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

Publisert 30. mai. 2021
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  • There were 5 pieces when u opened it and then you made a cut in the video then there came 6 u took the bonus chocolate it gave you and put it along with chocolate. case closed i found it out

  • Howww

  • Do you think you can do it infinitely? Because if you think of it you can

  • Buy 2 melt it with and without the bonus. And compare the volume in 2 same sized cups

  • I watched the vsauce video lol

  • Not the Tumblr infinite chocolate

  • I’m tryna figure out how it magic

  • You don't just buy you earn it.....

  • Look at that brown square line

  • Apparently math is hard

  • The chocolate just got smaller

  • It's shorter .vsause made a video about it

  • Шоооооо

  • The size of the chocolate shrinked

  • Probs just angling but willy wonka!

  • It depends on how you rearrange the pieces by there form and size

  • No he didn’t

  • Inventory management

  • It is just for content guys dont be mad on him.

  • It was flipped over

  • Bruh the bonus was under the actual bar

  • Duplication glitches IRL

  • The bonus bar just creates more distance in the middle.

  • It fits perfectly because the word chocolate your putting it on is smaller than the whole box and that’s why your left with one bonus peice

  • Or, the bonus piece was just on top of the other pieces and wasn’t actually perfectly in line

  • Like literally how can you be magic it’s supposed to have like toys in it and stuff like a kinder egg weirdo

  • My whole life was a lie🥸

  • Can someone explaine me this?

  • What if some hungry delivery driver were to do this with a normal snack? You'd never know that you were missing out on a part of it without knowing this trick.

  • Matter can not be created nor destroyed its replace with an another object or substance of matter

  • Yer a wizard, har- chris

  • Where can I buy this?

  • I just made a slightly smaller chocolate bar and have the piece that came from the leftover chocolate

  • Look at sides. Has 2 folds. Only low iq people would fall for this gimmick

  • Why are tiktok guys so dumb!! I just dont get it LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

  • no you didnt lol

  • The missing area paradox strikes again! Muahahahaha!

  • Dumb

  • *Vsause intensifies*

  • Bro you put it in wrong

  • So we are back to 2013?

  • No he changed package there is a small pause on the video thats when he switched it

  • Its like that bonus fri at the bottom of every mcdonalds bag 😂

  • There upside down when you first open it

  • "It fits in there PERFECTLY" XD watch Vscause my dude

  • 99.9% can’t figure it out 😱

  • I want chocolate now 🥺😂

  • Now put the big bar back in the first wrap. Let's see if it's the same size

  • its an exploit theyll patch it soon

  • Its simple, if you notice there is the bonus piece in the middle when he opens it, the reason it fits is because there are smaller pieces of room on the sides which help make it fit.

  • You should have put [AS] on the chocolate ngl

  • image link before,i mean even a 5 yrs old can see the difference,sooooo

  • Awww c'mon ,you're blind or what? The lines of the chocolate are different the first time,so it is placed in a different way than you did it the last time....Lame....

  • Btw for those who don’t know this is famous street magician/artist Willy wonka and he used this trick to start a chocolate factory

  • Edited,different size of chocolate box

  • V sauce has a video on this

  • Hit it with a hammer

  • Its food so what?

  • We all watched Vsauce, you punk You cannot fool us.

  • Curious to know the measurements of this chocolate bar before and after…

  • You did it a different way

  • You didn’t just make chocolate out of nothing


  • Look! When you got it, the chocolate pieces wasn’t spelling any words and it was upside down. I mean the pieces wasn’t in the same area.(they where on other positions.)

  • You made a smaller bar out of the original

  • I woke up Chris breezy......

  • Oops I hit unlike

  • God: wut have i done

  • I like if it isn't from tik tok

  • See all those little cracks and the edges it's not touching to perfectly fit in there? Yeah, if you take the bonus chocolate and fill those cracks and edges, it would fill it up completely. You took out the amount of chocolate all that empty spaces adds up to. Still a cool illusion :)

  • He flipped the first piece which is why there is no longer any room fir the bonus chocolate

  • Wow, we too stupid to understand! Wow! Amazing!

  • This trick is too old man everyone know how it works

  • Willy Wonker:And thats how i create chocolate

  • ♾ 🍫

  • I don't know anything about this but there space of cracks in the chocolate actually make up the piece of chocolate

  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Wait what

  • It’s probably a bonus cause it clearly says bonus on the piece of chocolate

  • False

  • the diameter shrinks once the piece is removed the black line gives the illusion of making more chocolate it is really cool to see and is clever!

  • If you give me the chocolate, I'll like the video

  • It was possible lol...

  • The quantity of the chocolate is reduced

  • I mean, _mass_

  • go watch vsauce

  • Did anyone else realize that when he shows the camera the chocolate the 2nd time the small piece is missing? Just me, okay.

  • Infinite chocolate, stonks

  • Teacher: "this is how you save food."

  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • My brain is too advanced for this video.

  • I know it’s stupid but I’m stupid so… Does this mean by doing this you actually get more chocolate?

    • You split a bill into five parts and end up with 2 ripped up bills too, still worth nothing.

  • Lol ok illusion I figured it out in 10 seconds it’s easy


  • I just lost brain cells

  • Oh God no I remember this tumblr post. XD

  • That's a mind fuck if I've ever seen one

  • The power of MATH 📚📊

  • There is spaces at the side of the bar at the end. That mass equals to a rectangle piece chocolate

  • It’s just a trick..and the video also cuts out right before he starts putting the pieces back together